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Description of PinPrompt plugin:​

PinPrompt is a plugin where you can force or allow players to use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to enter the server. This plugin adds an extra layer of protection for player accounts and especially staff accounts from third parties who don't know the PIN.

An amazing plugin that will give you peace of mind about your employees and also help players who share a computer.

Make employees have a PIN or/and allow regular players to create their own if they want to.

This plugin is NOT meant to be pirated to be used as an authentication system, it just helps to secure player/staff accounts on online servers/networks.

PinPrompt Plugin Features:​

  • Configure settings such as allowed attempts, login time, header name, event blocking, messages, sounds and more!
  • SQLite and MySQL support, synchronization of your player's contacts across multiple servers (Bungeecord network).
  • Developer API. The plugin currently has three events. PinCreationEvent, PinCorrectEvent, and PinIncorrectEvent.
  • Regular plugin updates with bug fixes
  • Permissions based so you can force everyone to use the pin or only certain players like employees or just you.
  • main themes. Change your PIN titles to many different themes including Quartz, Pumpkins, Blood, Advent and more!
  • Pleasure at any time of the year!
  • Single inventory without cursor issues.
  • Other plugins use a different inventory for each step of entering your PIN and reset your cursor to the center of the screen, which is very annoying and frustrating. PinPrompt does not update, only updates the inventory header with packages.
  • Sessions. Force players to only log in every X hours or when their IP changes!
  • Give players a certain amount of time before they are kicked out to enter their PIN!
  • The plugin will try to force the player to enter the correct PIN code, otherwise they will be kicked out (or even temporarily banned (soon))
  • Block inputs that can naturally bypass the GUI, such as hacked clients, including but not limited to movement, interaction, chat, commands.
  • You can also block object targeting and damage to prevent the player from dying when entering their PIN.
  • High efficiency with performance in mind right from the start and a high degree of optimization. If you see any time/heap reports with the PinPrompt issue, send me the info and I'll do my best.
  • Hexadecimal colors in supported versions of Minecraft.
  • Supports all popular versions. This means you can use this on 1.8 or even 1.16!
  • AuthMe. Compatible with AuthMe as an additional PIN option after the user enters the password.
  • Viewer support. Has support for switching players from spectator mode to another game mode to enter their own
  • PIN since you can't click anything in this game mode.
  • and much more …

PinPrompt plugin commands:​

/pin - Shows information about the plugin.
/pin create - Create a PIN for yourself.
/pin change [player] [new pin] - Change your current PIN or change other users' current PIN.
/pin reload - Reload the plugin along with the head manager, also saving the data.

PinPrompt plugin permissions:​

pinprompt.force - Players with this permission are forced to enter a PIN and use it to log in in the future. (Suitable for employee accounts)
pinprompt.command.create - Allows players to run the /pin create command to create a PIN for themselves, but does not require one. (It's good if players can make themselves a pin if they want)
pinprompt.command.change - Allows players to run the /pin change command to change their current PIN if they have one.
pinprompt.command.change.other - Allows players to change the PIN of other players using the command /pin change [player] [new pin]
pinprompt.command.reload - Permission to reload the plugin.
pinprompt.update.notification - Permission to receive update notifications when logged in.
pinprompt.* - for all permissions.

Screenshots of the PinPrompt plugin:​



How to install the PinPrompt plugin?​

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Take the downloaded file and transfer it to the plugins folder of your server.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Ready.
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