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ProVotes [1.7 - 1.18] - Increase player voting!

NULLED ProVotes [1.7 - 1.18] - Increase player voting! 1.11.1

No permission to download

ProVotes has a ton to offer, however below are some of the features that makes it worth while!

- Multi-Server support (read below)
- Completely customizable reward system
- Define an unlimited amount of rewards
- Automatic top weekly & monthly voter rewards
- Built in VoteParty system
- Permission based rewards
- Cumulative based rewards
- Chance based rewards
- Leaderboard system (3 types)
- Leaderboard player menu
- Built in vote forwarder
- MySQL support
- Advanced vote reminder system
- Reward inheritance
- Max daily votes
- Customizable rewards & links command
- Auto reset on new month (optional)
- Vote services whitelist
- Action based system (full customization)
- JavaScript action integration
- Offline saving until player joins
- PlaceholderAPI & MVdWPlaceholder support
- Message customization
- And much more!
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