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PyroFishingPro [1.14.X -1.19] [#1 Fishing Plugin!] [NEW Bait System]

NULLED PyroFishingPro [1.14.X -1.19] [#1 Fishing Plugin!] [NEW Bait System] 4.7.0

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Notice to server owners (Important):

If you are upgrading from the normal version to this premium version, I have made it super easy for you to keep the statistics of your players. All you need to do is copy the "PlayerData" file from the old non-premium version and paste it into the PyroFishingPro folder. This will automatically update and populate their files with the new statistics and changes. This also works for the fish.yml file.
Please note, you will have to regenerate a new config.yml and messages.yml file for the new features to appear.

What build should I download?
It is always a lot of work and effort to support multiple builds of the same plugin with how I am currently doing it. However, if people request a build on a specific version enough, I will work on porting it over. I will still be supporting all versions, some will not receive updates as frequent though.
  • For the most recent 1.12.X build. Download the build with the (Legacy) tag.
  • For the most recent 1.13.X and 1.14 builds. Download the most recent version that does not have anything in brackets. Please note, this only applies to builds 3.1.3 and higher.
Just a side note. Some features will be removed from specific builds depending on the version of Minecraft. An example would be killing fish in the ocean on 1.13.X builds and higher. That will not be present in 1.12.X builds.
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