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PyroFishingPro [1.14.X -1.19.X] [#1 Fishing Plugin!] [NEW GUI Customisation]

NULLED PyroFishingPro [1.14.X -1.19.X] [#1 Fishing Plugin!] [NEW GUI Customisation] 4.7.0

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Commands & Permissions:
✯ /fish (Brings up the basic help menu).
✯ /fish menu (Brings up the main Fishing menu).
✯ /fish reload (Reloads the plugin and configuration file).
✯ /fish codex (Brings up the codex).
✯ /fish shop (Opens up the shop).
✯ /fish scales (Opens the Scales GUI.)
✯ /fish bag (Opens the Fish Bag GUI)
✯ /fish gut (Opens the Gutting GUI)
✯ /fish deliveries (Opens the Deliveries GUI)
✯ /fish augment (Opens the Augment GUI)
✯ /fish augments (View all the Fishing Augments in game)
✯ /fish entropy (View your entropy balance)
✯ /fish boosters (View your active boosters)
✯ /fish bait (Open the bait shop)
✯ /fish give <player> <fishName> <amount> (Gives specific fish)
✯ /fish addentropy <player> <amount> (Give entropy to a player)

✯ /fish addxp <player> <amount> (Give a player fishing xp)
✯ /ft (Base command for tournaments.)
✯ /ft start <tournamentType> [time] (Starts the tournament type. Requires "fish.tournaments.)
✯ /ft stop (Stops the current tournament. Requires "fish.tournaments.)

✯ /ft info (Shows information on the current tournament.)

✯ /ft types (Shows the types of tournaments available.)
✯ /ft time (Shows time till next tournament.)
✯ /ft remove <player> (Removes the player from the tournament. Requires "fish.tournaments.)
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