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  1. admin


    Model description [Toro] Ezekiel: Ezekiel is a VERY difficult boss that is very difficult to fight against due to her difficult combos. What are the features in [Toro] Ezekiel? - AI combo system with complex combo tree - Parry system to repel attacks - System of guard penetration and...
  2. admin


    Description of Cosmetic head-wear pack models: Pack of 17 models with wearable cosmetic headwear from World of Warcraft and mythological gods from Smite (Item/Mob) Included file formats: JSON, PNG Which models will the Cosmetic head-wear pack add: Voljin Vinicius Thoth Illidan Horus Osiris...
  3. admin

    Premium [LITTLEROOM] NPC PACK VOL 4 1.0

    Description of NPC Pack Vol 4 models: We're back with a good cast of characters: - Acolyte, a rather tall man in clothes, usually found in chapels or cathedrals. Great for blessing or healing players. - Assassin, can be found in the shadows, for the right price, she can make some problems...
  4. admin

    Premium ZEUS BOSS [+2 WEAPONS! ] 1.0

    Model description Zeus Boss [ + 2 Weapons! ]: Zeus, the true god of the sky, is the head of the big three Greek gods. This thrilling fight will leave you shocked and wanting to continue (the fight is better than puns). The combat is not only exciting, but it has a hilarious electrocution death...
  5. admin

    Free Item press! | By Little Room (patreon) 1.1

    Need plugins: ModelEngine, MythicMobs TUTORIAL how to install this pack
  6. admin

    Premium WIZPIGLIN IS BACK?! boss | By Little Room (patreon) 1.0

    Need plugins: ModelEngine, MythicMobs TUTORIAL how to install this pack
  7. admin

    Premium KUR THE HOG RIDER! boss | By Little Room (patreon) 1.0

    Need plugins: ModelEngine, MythicMobs TUTORIAL how to install this pack
  8. admin

    Premium FeatherBoard 5.1.0

    Price has 21% VAT included according to EU regulations. This description page provides a basic overview of the selling points of the plugin. For more in-depth information on how to configure and use the plugin, check the wiki pages. Test it live @ @clip's server using his plugin...
  9. admin

    Premium [Spawn] - Dragon Orange Village - 470x470 2.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION ∎ Medieval detailed Lobby surrounded by water guarded by dragon ∎ Size: ≈ 470x470 ∎ Versions: 1.8 - 1.18 ∎ Interiors: Yes ∎ Places for 3 NPCs (can be managed by you) ∎ Big place for one crate ∎ Places for server stuff ∎ Designed spawn area ∎ Small square ∎ Islands in the...
  10. admin

    Premium LAWNMOVERS! | By Little Room (patreon) 1.0

    This pack needs plugins: ModelEngine and MythicMobs. TUTORIAL how to install this pack
  11. admin

    Premium BUG PACK | By Little Room 2.5

  12. admin

    Premium Goblins Pack Healong [$20] latest

  13. admin

    Premium 🐸Goblin Mob Pack latest🐸 3.2

    Release the GOBLINS! Goblins have invaded Minecraft in this new mob pack by Little Room. This pack features 4 types of Goblins, the Archer, the Warrior, the Witchdoctor and of course the King. Fight your way through this combat focused pack and loot the coveted goblin treasure! The Warrior...
  14. admin

    Premium [Easter] EASTER EGG HUNT! | By Little Room (patreon) Last

    This is a super lightweight addon, just drag and drop, no fuss with items or custom sounds! These Easter Eggs spawn in random locations, with random colors, and with random rewards! Need plugins: ModelEngine, MythicMobs TUTORIAL how to install this pack
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