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    NULLED HuskSync [1.16-1.19] - Synchronize player inventories & data cross-server 1.4

    Comprehensive: Synchronize the following player data across-server. All of them can be turned on or off: Inventories (& armor, off hand, selected slot) Ender Chests Experience points & levels Health (& Max health, health scale) Hunger (& Saturation, exhaustion) Game mode Advancements Statistics...

    NULLED ajQueuePlus 2.2.7

    ajQueue is a queue plugin that will prevent players from spam-joining a server, or will queue players when the server is full/restarting - Bungeecord and Velocity support - Separate queues for each server - Priority queue feature (with infinite layers) - Per-server priority queue (also with...
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    NULLED HuskSync [1.16-1.19] - Synchronize player inventories & data cross-server 1.4.1

    HuskSync is modern, cross-server player data synchronization system that allows player data (inventories, health, hunger & status effects) to be synchronized across servers through the use of Redis.
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    NULLED ☄️ GrantX ~ Revolutionize Permission Management (/grant, /grants) ☄️ 2.4.5

    » In-Game Editor Tired of configuration files? Use the in-game editor to create, delete, and modify all of your grant procedure items, including ranks, server, durations, and reasons. Options range from changing the display name of the item, the permission required to grant it, the...
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