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  1. admin

    Free Exicube Taxi App v1.8.0

    Sources for creating a taxi application, hiring a driver using React Native (Expo) for iOS and Android. React & React Native (Expo) are the best technologies used for web and mobile respectively. Expo gives you the ability to create native iOS and Android apps from the same source code and from...
  2. admin

    Free UClap - On Demand Home Service App | Urban Clap Clone | Android App with Interactive Admin Panel v1.2

    UClap - on-demand home service application | Urbanclap Clone | Android app with interactive admin panel | Get your business online with our on-demand app today! Provide clients with on-demand in-home services. Are you planning to offer commercial home services such as plumbing, electricity...
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    Free Download Tagxi v1.1 - Flutter Complete Taxi Booking Solution v1.1

    Expand your taxi business with our customer-focused, well-designed taxi dispatch platform. We will help you solve in real time the challenges you face in dispatch operations. Tag Your Taxi is committed to maximizing the value of your taxi business through innovation and technology. Info...
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