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Jun 6, 2022
Are you looking for an Anime? Want a recommendation? Don't make a thread, Ask here instead.

Need something to watch after you just finished binge watching Naruto? I'm going to give everyone some anime to watch depending on what genre you prefer.

if you agree or disagree with something tell us about what you thought down below and tell us why. If you have an opinion, which I hope everyone does. Please tell us what you recommend.

If you would like to hear what each Anime is about, just ask about it down below and I'd love to tell you why you should watch it.

Remember these are what I recommend, which may differ from what you might recommend.

10 Anime you NEED to watch regardless of the genre:

-Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
-Howl's Moving Castle
-Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team
-Code Geass
-Samurai Champloo
-Parasyte -the maxim-
-Kara no Kyoukai
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise

Now, I prefer Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha, Supernatural, Dark Anime. Maybe you don't like any of those. But I do highly recommend any of them.


-Hunter x Hunter
-One Punch Man
-Hajime no Ippo
-Cowboy Bebop
-My Hero Academia
-Black Lagoon
-Sword of the Stranger
-Jormungand: Perfect Order
-Terror in Resonance
-Jin-roh: The Wolf Brigade
-Ninja Scroll
-Heroic Age
-Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly sins)
-Legend of the Legendary Heroes
-Dungeon ni Deai
-Ghost Fighter
-Tower of Druaga
-Stigma of the Wind
-Familiar of Zero
-Mahotsukai no Yome
-Akatsuki no Yona
-Log Horizon
-Hitman Reborn


-Spirited Away
-Princess Mononoke
-Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-
-Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
-Patema Inverted

Mecha (Robots):

-Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
-Knights of Sidonia
-Gundam: The Origin
-Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt December Sky
-Brake Blade
-Mobile Suite Gundam Seed
-Mobile Suite Gundam Seed Destiny
-Mobile Suite Gundam 00
-Mobile Suite Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans
-Eureka Seven
-Macross Frontier

Slice of Life (with a little action):

-Hotarubi no Mori e
-Eden of the East
-Shokugeki no Souma
-Eve no Jikan
-Space Brothers
-Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
-Little Witch Academia
-My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
-Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
-Nodame Cantabile
-Great Teacher Onizuka
-The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki


-Death Note
-Hellsing Ultimate
-Mob Psycho 100
-Psycho Pass
-Death Parade
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Elfen Lied
-Devilman: Crybaby
-Mardock Scramble
-Deadman Wonderland
-King of Thorn
-Kabaneri of the iron Fortress
-Attack on Titan
-Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)
-Ghost Hunt


-Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
-Kimi no Na wa.
-Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (also comedy)
-Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
-Kokoro Connect
-Plastic Memories
-ef: A Tale of Memories
-Kiss him, Not me
-Nijiro Days
-Ao haru ride
-A silent Voice (Koe no Katachi)
-Ore Monogatari
-Kaichou wa Maid-sama
-Special A
-Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
-Golden Time
-Say "I Love You"
-Kimi ni Todoke
-Fruits Basket
-Rumbling Hearts
-My Bride is a Mermaid
-Ouran Highschool Host Club
-Lovely Complex
-Ranma 1/2
-Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge


-Major (All seasons. From season 1-6)
-Eyeshield 21
-Hajime no Ippo
-Slam Dunk
-One Outs
-Baby Steps
-Big Windup
-Diamond no Ace
-Baki the Grappler
-Ballroom e Youkoso


-SKET Dance
-Sakamoto desu ga
-School Rumble

Feel free to add on to this list or list other genres of Anime that I did not list.

I don't necessarily watch slice of life or comedy.

If you tell me why an Anime should be added, I will add it to the list.

However, Only Anime members will get their recommendations without any questions asked. Unless I hate it.

Hopefully this will create a place where we can find anime without asking around.
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